Welcome to my website dedicated to Marilyn Manson live recordings.

Marilyn Manson is the band who influenced me the most, helped me to grow up, changed my way of looking the things, etc...
By now, Marilyn Manson is still bulking large in my life, but I definitively can't drop out of AS-MA-HW eras.That's why, I started to collect bootlegs.
I want to keep this alive and bootlegs are the relics of my religion. "Don't you know I worship you?"

I'm interested in every MM shows I don't have. At the moment, I give top priority to master or 1st generation video.
I'm not trading for other bands, but I can make an exception according to your stuff.
If you want to trade with me or everything else, feel free to contact me.


We all know the rules!
1. I don't want lossy format :
       I don't want mp3's sourced shows (learn to check a show with EAC). If we trade together, I can provide you  my EAC's anaysis.
       I don't want dvd sourced from crappy format. I won't accept your video if you can't tell me the source.
2 . Use high-quality CD-Rs and DVD+Rs (TDK, Verbatim,...). I usually use Verbatim. Don't write on them, use a little piece of paper. Check the disc before sending and use a proper way to burn it.
3 . We trade disc for disc. The CD:DVD ratio is 3:1.
4. If you contact me first, you send first.