I always try to answer every mails I get. If I don't reply in one week, then send again. You can contact me at this adress :

At the moment, I seems to have technical problems with my first adress. Please If I don't reply, try this adress.
(60280 VENETTE, FRANCE),,, and a lot of others accounts on ebay.

This guy is a total dickhead. Never trade with him and even less buy him bootlegs.
On top of using my website to promove his business, he rips off people by trading them many DVD that in fact are video taken from youtube.
So if you begin in the trading thing, instead of making rich this cocksucker, you should better contact me. I always try to find an arrangement. Sometimes, I accept to trade for other bands, just e-mail me.

For french fans : N'échangez ou n'achetez pas de bootlegs à cette personne. La seule chose qu'il vous donnera, ce sont pour la plupart des vidéos prises de youtube et converties en DVD ou converties depuis d'autres formats de merde. Rien à voir avec les DVD que je possède et qu'il prétend avoir. Si vous débutez dans le trade et que vous n'avez aucun bootleg, contactez-moi.