Miami, FL, Plug Studios            

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC
DAT (Masters) > Maxell XLII
Sound: A+
01. Snake Eyes And Sissies
02. Lunchbox
03. Get Your Gunn
04. Cyclops
05. Citronella (Dogma)
06. Cake And Sodomy
07. Filth
08. Sweet Tooth
09. Organ Grinder
10. My Monkey
11. Misery Machine
12. Dope Hat

Info:This is not a show, it is actually the very first ever recorded version of 'Portrait Of An American Family'. Great quality. All the tracks sound so different then they were commercially released, this is a must have.

"This is the Mossiman mix of 'Portrait Of An American Family'. It wasn't mastered due to damage during the final mix. The album was rejected by Sony, Reprise and Interscope. Although, Interscope did not drop Marilyn Manson due to influence from Trent Reznor. Many thanks to Scott Putesky (Daisy Berkowitz) for letting me get a copy".