Barrie, Canada, Molson Gardens             

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC

CS(4) > Unknown
Sound: B
Tracklist: 01 Introarnig to Swim

01 Prelude (The Family Trip)
02 Organ Grinder
03 Lunchbox
04 Snake Eyes & Sissies
05 Dope Hat
06 Get Your Gunn
07 My Monkey
08 Cake And Sodomy
09 Misery Machine

Info: Includes NIN and PWEI set.
        PWEI sounds better than the other two sets (probably a different source). Unfortunatly there is tape hiss,
        but the sound is not too bad.

        Pop will eat itself
        CS4     40min

       Nine Inch Nails
       CS?     85min