Buffalo, NY, Ogden Street Music Hall

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC

Sony WM-D3 > CDR/2 > EAC > FLAC
Sound: B+
Tracklist: 01 Introarnig to Swim

1.Wrapped in Plastic
2.Snake Eyes & Sissies
3.Get Your Gunn
6.Cake & Sodomy
7.Down in the Park
8.My Monkey
9.Irresponisble Hate Anthem
10.Organ Grinder
12.Sweet Dreams
13.Misery Machine
14.Rock N' Roll Nigger

Info: Good show. Audio is pretty good. There are some small glitches, and some songs cut into each other,
        only really cutting out the crowd noise, but this is only for a few songs. After Lunchbox, there is a bad track
        drop into Sweet Dreams, really is the worse thing about this recording.