Nagoya, Japan, Nagoya Century

Media count/Format: 2/CD-R

 Sonic Studios DSM-6S > PA6LC2 > Sony TCD-D7
Sound: A+
01 intro1: "the lord is my shepard" diamanda galas
02 intro2: "count to six and die" instrumental
03 irresponsible hate anthem
04 the death song
05 disposable teens
06 great big white world
07 tourniquet
08 the fight song
09 the nobodies
10 astonishing panorama of the end times
11 rock is dead
12 the dope show
13 cruci-fiction in space
14 burning flag
15 in the shadow (of the valley of death)
16 sweet dreams (hell outro)
17 valentine's day
18 the love song
19 the beautiful people
20 1996

Info: An amazing show! Very clear, sounds almost like a soundboard recording.