St. Petersburg, FL, Thunder Dome

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC
Sharp MD-MS702>MD>Kenwood KE-205>Philips CDR-560>CD-R>WAV>Flac(level 8)
Sound: B+

Intro: "God Bless America"
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
The Reflecting God
Disposable Teens
The Fight Song
The Nobodies
Rock Is Dead
The Dope Show
Cruci-Fiction In Space
Sweet Dreams (Hell Outro)
Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful People

Info: new master transfer from the taper on 2007. 

Taper: I recoded this show at Ozzfest back in 01 but I never really distributed it
because I was never really happy with how it came out. I guess it isn't
too bad since the show was in a domed baseball stadium. I think mostly
I wasn't happy with it is because the crowd around me kinda annoyed
me and you can hear them at times singing and crap. My favorite
was some idiot said "You ain't from Florida" after Manson made a
comment about being from Florida before The Fight Song.

Interesting note - After Cruci-fiction John5 immediately started playing
Sweet Dreams and Manson went over to him and grabbed his guitar because he
wanted the crowed to start clapping. Once Manson got some clapping John5
started the song over.

Anyway I was digging through some stuff and I dug this up so I
decided what the hell I'll share it as I'm sure some people would love
it for their collections. Leave comments on what you think of it.