Melbourne, Australia, Vodafone Arena

Media count/Format: 2/FLAC
Source: Sony ECM-DS70P > Sony MZ-N710 
Sound: B+

01.Antichrist Superstar (Instrumental) (Intro #1) 
02.Theater (Intro #2) 
03.This is the New Shit 
04.Disposable Teens 
05.Use Your Fist & Not Your Mouth
06.Great Big White World 
07.Rock is Dead 
09.Tainted Love 
11.The Dope Show 
13.The Golden Age of Grotesque 
14.Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag 
15.Sweet Dreams - The Reflecting God (Outro) 
16.Obsequey (The Death of Art) - It's a Small World (Tease)
17.The Fight Song 
18.The Beautiful People 
19.Irresponsible Hate Anthem 

Info: this is a new transfer  of  december 2005, from a clone of the master MD.
         this version sounds really better : there are zero glitches  in this new version.