Paris, France, Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC

Source: Sony MZR55 > PC > CD > EAC > Flac (7)
Sound: B+
intro1: "antichrist superstar" instrumental
intro2: "theater"
this is the new shit
disposable teens
use your fist and not your mouth
great big white world
rock is dead
tainted love
the dope show
the golden age of grotesque
doll-dagga buzz-buzz ziggety-zag

The Taper: Not my best recording, but still enjoyable IMO.
                Almost no disturbance from the neighbors, but the sound was by far not the best I've heard in this venue.
                Unluckily, some problems with my old MD recorder made a complete recording impossible...