Paris, France, Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy

Media count/Format: 1/FLAC

Source: Sennheiser > Sony TCD-D8
Sound: A-
01 Intro: ACSS String Version / Prelude (The Family Trip)
02 The Love Song
03 Irresponsible Hate Anthem
04 Disposable Teens
06 Minute of Decay tease / Tourniquet
07 Personal Jesus
08 Get Your Gunn
09 Great Big White World
10 Tainted Love
11 The Fight Song
12 The Nobodies
13 Diary of a Dope Fiend tease / The Dope Show
14 Rock is Dead
15 The Golden Age of Grotesque
16 Sweet Dreams
17 The Beautiful People
18 Antichrist Superstar

Info: From the Master DAT, which is a tad cleaner than the Silver CD release from the same source.
Manson ( just before Get Your Gunn) : "This is only for really Manson's fans on the crowd"