Lyon, France, Halle Tony Garnier

Media count/Format: 2/FLAC
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Sony PCM-M1 > Sony DTC-ZE700 > Terratec DMX6Fire Lite (Optical In)
> Mastering/Editing > WAV > Flac (Level 8)
Sound: A-
01. Intro
02. If I Was Your Vampire
03. Disposable Teens
04. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3
05. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
07. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
08. Putting Holes In Happiness
09. Just A Car Crash Away
10. Rock Is Dead
11. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)
12. Tainted Love
13. The Dope Show
14. Great Big White World
15. The Fight Song
16. The Beautiful People
17. The Nobodies

Info: Very good recording!
There is a  funny boy near to the taper, we can hear him between some songs. He says something like "there are 3 hours between each songs!" "we have paid a lot our tickets!"